Our Story

The making of Narvvi

Narvvi, deriving its name from ancient nightly rituals, is a modern-day movement to help women maximise their beauty routine. By transforming the everyday wardobe essentials, we are leading innovation across the wearable skincare industry with solutions for the time-short, health-aware and style-conscious.


Meet the Founder

Having spent the early part of her career working in a medical position in the British Army, Leah decided to pivot her skills and immerse herself in the world of advanced skincare, going on to open her own clinic, gaining an international reputation for her results-led approach and commitment to long-term skin health. Tired of 10-step routines, Leah found that many of her clients were looking for a more simplified approach to skincare, a way to maximise their routine – without adding another glass bottle to the shelf. Inspired by the science of beauty sleep, she started work on Narvvi: a curated collection of wellness essentials combining advanced skincare with luxurious skinwear (a term now defined by her ready-to-wear essentials.)
Designed exclusively in London and harnessing Leah’s expertise in working with different skin types and conditions, every accessory and garment is uniquely enriched with Advanced skincare ingredients. By releasing these micro-encapsulated molecules into the skin, Narvvi helps to prevent the premature signs of ageing that come with dehydrated skin.

As a skin specialist as well as a founder, it was important to me that Narvvi was built on the premise of prevention over cure. Our goal is to simplify skin health, for a whole host of ongoing and cumulative benefits and make a visible difference to the appearance of your skin as well as your wardrobe!

Leah Uka, Founder