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Clinical Skin Specialist & Aesthetician, Leah Uka.

Leah is a globally recognized skincare and clinic expert, renowned for her exclusive clientele of celebrities and VIPs worldwide. Her reputation is built on her exceptional skills, drawing patients from overseas seeking her transformative treatments. Leah's approach to skincare is refreshingly simple, providing a guiding light in a market overwhelmed with options and complexity.

our founder

Inspired by YOU...

NARVVI's inception was inspired by a conversation with a frustrated patient, igniting Leah's vision to simplify skincare. Leveraging her clinical science background and technology, she infused advanced skincare ingredients into silk pillowcases, allowing her patients to effortlessly enhance their skin while they slept. The demand for NARVVI's groundbreaking product grew rapidly, attracting attention from specialists globally. This collaboration gave birth to Skinwear, a fusion of luxury textiles and cutting-edge skincare technology, redefining beauty, fashion, and wellness integration.

our founder

Developed for YOU.

Today, NARVVI represents a beacon of hope for those seeking radiant, youthful skin through a simplified routine. Rooted in medical expertise, their scientifically-backed ingredients deliver clinically-proven results within the realm of fashion-forward Skinwear. NARVVI offers a harmonious blend of efficacy, style, and indulgence, making everyday skincare a luxurious experience.

Every single product in the NARVVI range is a response to what my patients’ longed for - effortlessly effective skincare that integrates seamlessly without having to buy multiple different products.

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