#BTS with NARVVI | Meet our Founder

#BTS with NARVVI | Meet our Founder
Hailed by her clients as “the best thing to happen to my skin,” Leah Uka is a celebrated businesswoman, army veteran and long-time facialist to A-list celebrities and VIPs across the globe. But Leah's success did not arrive overnight. Her brand evolved and came from many years of hard work, humility and hustle. 
We sat down with Leah to ask her all the things you need to know!
"My goal was to simplify skin health and the endless and confusing skin routines that have become so normal now and take it all back to the less is more approach; making your beauty routine as effortless as possible whilst maintaining great skin." 
1. Favourite Narvvi Product? 
Hmmm, this is a tough one - it's like asking me to pick between my children however, right now i have been living and dying in my Sofia Robe - I feel uber glamorous wearing it, even when i am having one of those 'off' days - if you know what i mean?! 
2. What is your secret to juggling both motherhood and work? 
Wow - i'm not going to lie - it's hard!! I work some late nights and long hours and travel a lot, but I do it all because I love it and because I love knowing that what I'm working on is building a beautiful future for Jaxon and Isla. I want them to grow up having the confidence to follow their dreams but to also understand that hard work and determination are the key to making it work. It's a lot of work juggling the both but honestly, i wouldn't have it any other way! 
3. Skincare products you just cannot live without? 
I mean...obviously Narvvi haha! in all honesty, i have a few right now. I worked as a Medik8 pro in my clinic so i absolutely adore their products, but i'm also obsessed with going to FaceGym and Dr barbara Sturm right now - it changes a lot though depending on how my skin is doing. 
4. Biggest pinch-me moment? 
There have been a few!! I'm lucky enough to have met some incredible people on this journey but so far, it has to be partnering with Hotel De Paris in Monaco on the launch of Narvvi. It's early days, so watch this space! 
5. What is your morning ritual? 
I'd love to say it's super organised and i go to the gym and work out at like 5am but, the reality is that i'm usually running around trying to get Jax and Isla ready for school whilst they fight over the toothpaste and who did what, whilst i juggle work calls and my diary for the day....it's manic, honestly! Work is my downtime!!! 
6. What is something you are looking forward to? 
Oh this is easy - our new collections. They are super cool and innovative and i cannot wait to show them to the world! 
7. One piece of advice for others trying to build a business? 
Work hard and be adaptable! Pursuing your own business, no matter what industry requires hard work, courage, humility, patience, resilience, talent, teamwork and, yes, hard work again. Any “opportunity” that promises to circumvent any of the latter is most likely a scam. Knowing that nothing comes easy is key and as long as you are willing to commit and never give up then you're halfway there. Remember, nothing is impossible so go out and get it! 
8. How would your friends describe you? 
Oh god - i don't know...probably a little crazy in my own little world on cloud 9! haha! 
9. Biggest life achievement so far? 
If i had to pick it would of course be my children. Otherwise launching Narvvi and joining the British Army at the age of 16. 
10. Finally, Tea or Coffee kinda Gal? 
Gin...can i pick gin?! 
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  • Such a beautiful, funny down to earth human that I had the pleasure of her working on my skin. Cant wait to treat myself with your new range. Lots of love xx


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