sustainability at narvvi

Our Impact

At NARVVI, we're deeply committed to nurturing the well-being of our Planet. We've embarked on a meaningful quest for sustainability, focusing on mindful innovation and eco-conscious strategies throughout our brand.

While we acknowledge that the journey is ongoing, we're excited to celebrate the sustainable milestones we've achieved so far.

Our Key Goals

By leveraging data-driven methodologies in our operations, we're crafting the most effective blueprint for instigating meaningful change. In collaboration with our partners, Ecologi we aim to reach a net-zero carbon footprint while also targeting a 56% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. To propel us toward these ambitious milestones, we're concentrating our efforts on three pivotal sectors...


All our new packaging is made from reusable or recycled materials.

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Every element is carefully considered to minimise waste and environmental impact.

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We’ve partnered with manufacturers who uphold our values of ethics and sustainability.

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NARVVI has funded the planting of 462 trees across 12 projects.

Healthy trees sequester CO2, making them climate champions from the moment they’re planted. They also help to restore healthy ecosystems, sequestering and storing even more carbon in soils and plant biomass, as well as boosting biodiversity.

Reforestation projects provide co-benefits for local people which can promote employment, gender equality, new income streams, more diverse food sources to support a healthier diet, and improved community facilities.


We have prevented over 25.47 tCO2e through 51 verified carbon avoidance projects.

While the biggest impact you can make is to reduce your own emissions, carbon avoidance projects all provide complementary climate solutions to prevent greenhouse gas emissions, restore nature, and support local communities. Supporting these projects allows you to compensate for your remaining, unavoidable emissions.


At NARVVI, sustainability isn't just a buzzword, it's a core value that shapes our vision for the future. We believe that responsible innovation and eco-conscious practices are not just ethical choices, but essential steps in crafting a world we're proud to pass on to the next generation.

Leah Uka, CEO & Founder