Skin Expert, Leah Uka

Meet our Founder, Clinical Skin Expert and Aesthetician, Leah Uka

Leah is an internationally renowned skincare and clinic expert, known as the industry’s secret weapon to the stars and VIPs across the globe. Throughout her clinical career, her patients would often fly her in from overseas to experience her transformative treatments firsthand, a testament to her unrivalled skill and reputation. Priding herself on her simplified approach to skincare, Leah emerged as a guiding light for those seeking intelligent skin solutions In a world where the beauty market is saturated with countless options and bewildering complexity.

“Skincare can be a confusing subject, and lots of people need a helping hand with cutting through the noise and understanding what they really need for their skin.”

NARVVI’s journey began during a conversation with a patient - evoking Leah’s groundbreaking vision to take shape. Listening intently to their frustration of feeling lost amidst the overwhelming array of serums, moisturisers, and creams, Leah was struck by an idea that would change the game forever.

Tapping into her background in clinical science and her smart use of technology, Leah started by infusing advanced skincare ingredients into silk pillowcases with a mission to eliminate confusion and empower her patients to effortlessly unlock their best skin - all whilst they slept! The perfect results driven solution that seamlessly integrated into their busy lives.

As the demand for NARVVI's revolutionary product grew, propelled by word of mouth and its reputation for remarkable efficacy, a global network of specialists took notice. From Harley Street Doctors to esteemed Dermatologists, skincare experts from all corners of the world reached out to Leah, recognising her unparalleled expertise. They sought her expertise to develop products for them that would incorporate her super formulation of skin-optimising ingredients, to cater to the needs of their patients and deliver transformative results on a daily basis. This collaboration sparked the birth of a new category in the beauty industry - Skinwear - a fusion of luxurious textiles and cutting-edge skincare technology. The concept of Skinwear revolutionised product development, blurring the boundaries between beauty, fashion, and wellness, and paving the way for a new era of transformative and integrated skincare experiences.

Today, NARVVI stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking radiant, youthful skin without the burden of a complicated routine. With a touch of luxury and a profound understanding of what truly works, Leah has rewritten the rules of beauty, pioneering a future of wearable skincare.

“Every single product in the NARVVI range is a response to what my patients’ longed for - effortlessly effective skincare that integrates seamlessly without having to buy multiple different products.”

NARVVI stands proud with its foundation rooted in medical expertise, leveraging scientifically-backed ingredients and delivering clinically-proven results. The outcome? A stunning array of products meticulously designed to address every skin concern, housed within the realm of fashion-forward Skinwear. With their ultra-soft textures and exquisite craftsmanship, NARVVI's Skinwear offerings not only provide exceptional performance but also elevate the sensory experience, leaving your skin looking and feeling truly remarkable. It's a harmonious blend of efficacy, style, and indulgence, ensuring that your skincare journey becomes an everyday luxury affair.